Tea Creations: A Mango Matcha Smoothie Recipe For All

For this recipe, grab yourself some frozen mango chunks, plant-based or regular milk, and some ceremonial matcha like we have on our site. Make a thicker matcha than usual and add it to a blender with frozen mango pieces and milk. Then, blend these three together and you are all set. Here is a video that we did for our tiktok that shows this process.

What types of fruit or other ingredients would you use to make this recipe? You could definitely make this kind of smoothie using bananas, apples–any kind of fruit you want. It is totally fine to use a culinary grade matcha for this. It is even better if you can use a more premium culinary grade matcha so you get the most bang for your buck. Ceremonial grade matcha can be used for this but the subtle flavors of the ceremonial matcha will most likely be lost.

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