A Beautiful Matcha Crepe To Make Your Day

Truly a beautiful looking recipe. While you could probably make this matcha mille crepe for breakfast, it might be best to leave this for dessert. Here, we go into depth on how to make this recipe. You can see a video of how we made it below:

To make the crepe batter, we used 70g of flour, 10g of matcha, 40g of sugar, a pinch of salt, 2 eggs, 15g of vegetable oil, and 250g of milk. Start by sifting well the flour, sugar, salt, and matcha in a bowl. Mix these well then add in the two eggs and mix. You can then mix in the vegetable oil and then some of the milk. After stirring, add in the rest of the milk. You have created your crepe batter.

To make the matcha cream, we used 400g of heavy cream, 50g of sugar, 15g of matcha, and 30g of hot water. Start by sifting some matcha into another bowl. Mix in sugar and hot water. Then mix in a portion of some heavy cream with this. After mixing, add the rest of the heavy cream. For best results, you can use an electric head mixer as seen in the video.

Pour about 60ml of the crepe batter onto a pan and move the pan in such a way as to spread the crepe batter across its surface. Turn on the heat and cook until the bottom of the crepe starts to brown, then flip. On a plate, stack crepes on top of each other, layering the whipped matcha cream between. Finally, top with sifted matcha.

Fun Mille Crepe Trivia

To be specific, a mille crepe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. The word mille is used because word mille means “a thousand.” This represents that the crepe is made of multiple crepe layers. Crepes can be made either savoury or sweet, though mille crepes are usually sweet and consumed as a dessert.

Sweet Crepe
A sweet crepe (Source)

The crepe itself has its origins in France, as you may have guessed. In the 5th Century, Pope Gelasius I offered sacramental bread to French pilgrims that were visiting Rome for the Chandeleur. Eventually, the sacramental bread was replaced with the crepe and its popularity began to grow.

 Pope Gelasius I (Source)

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