Tea Creations: Roasted Barley Powder Used to Make a “Latte”, Let’s Try It

Firstly, it isn’t really a true latte because it contains no espresso. Instead, we combined our Instant Mugicha Powder, hot water and some plant-based milk. That’s it. You can used animal milk if you like. The Instant Mugicha Powder is nice because it can dissolve well in liquid as opposed to matcha with tends to clump if it is not sifted first, let alone whisked. It also totally caffeine free, so if you are looking for something to sip on as it gets hotter, this might be nice. Here’s the video we did about it:

You can add a sweetener to this if you want, though our Instant Mugicha Powder is already sweetened slighty. What results as a roasted flavor that is slightly sweet and smells like toasted grains. What is especially cool about mugicha is that it isn’t actually tea, per say. Mugicha is actually just roasted barley whereas tea purist will say that only tea made of the Camellia sinensis plant is considered true tea.

This roasted barley is then turned into a powder and made ready to be infused easily. If you were going to add a sweetener, stevia powder might be a good fit. We hope you try our instant mugicha powder and milk combination. Plant-based milk of course can be used and arguably would be tastier. Den-chan seems to agree. Follow our instagram and tiktok for more content. Also, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our website and scrolling to the bottom.