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Autumn-Winter Bancha: The Seasonal Tea Delight

As the remnants of summer slowly fade and we’re greeted by the golden hues of autumn, there’s one tea that deserves your attention – the Autumn-Winter Bancha. This comforting tea is more than just a warm brew; it’s a season in a cup. For those keen to explore and optimize their tea journey, let’s delve deeper into the world of Autumn-Winter Bancha.

Understanding Autumn-Winter Bancha

The Autumn-Winter Bancha is distinct from your usual tea. Harvested from the buds of late autumn to early winter, this tea offers a blend unlike any other. While there are four main tea harvests annually – first, second, third, and fourth flushes – the Autumn-Winter Bancha is a unique combination. It uses leaves that have grown through the third flush but are harvested with the fourth flush between September and October.

What makes this tea stand out? It’s its signature taste. Less bitter than its earlier flush counterparts, Autumn-Winter Bancha has a clean and refreshing profile. And for those of us watching our caffeine, this tea shines with its notably low caffeine content. Our Bancha Suruga also is known to have a lower caffeine content, but this tea is made of first flush leaves and thus isn’t a true Autumn-Winter Bancha.

The Best Way to Brew Your Autumn-Winter Bancha

Your Autumn-Winter Bancha deserves the best brew. To truly capture its essence, a cold infusion or water brewing method is recommended. This process ensures that the beneficial polysaccharides, which are known to help stabilize blood sugar levels, aren’t lost to heat.

To give you a clearer picture of its caffeine content:

  • Regular Japanese tea: 20mg per 100ml
  • Autumn-Winter Bancha: 10mg per 100ml

By opting for cold brewing, you not only extract the full flavors but also minimize the caffeine content even further. This makes Autumn-Winter Bancha a top choice, especially for those evening tea sessions.

Wrapping Up

With every season, there’s a flavor to discover, and the Autumn-Winter Bancha embodies the serenity of autumn and the coziness of winter. If you’re on a quest to explore seasonal teas or simply wish to add a new favorite to your collection, this tea is an excellent choice.   Here’s to a season of discovery, one cup of Autumn-Winter Bancha at a time! Follow us on instagram and tiktok for more tea content. Also, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our website and scrolling to the bottom of the page