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A First Flush Bancha: Taking A Look At Our Bancha Suruga

A chonky bancha from Shizuoka. This tea (really, bancha in general) is produced from, more matured leaves of the tea plant which are bigger and thicker than those used to make most sencha (made of the upper-most leaves of the tea plant).

In the video you can see the larger leaf size and rich, yellow cup that this tea makes. Compared to Sencha, bancha is known to be somewhat bitter and astringent and is generally known to contain less caffeine than Sencha. Nevertheless, it is appreciated in Japan for its robust flavor. Most bancha are made using various flushes of tea. Our bancha is made of first flush tea.

Because they look similar, some people might confuse bancha with sencha. Here is a video were we go into a little more detail about this matter.

Sencha usually receives a lot of praise for its flavor and beauty, but Bancha is also another option for those who like a bit more of a stronger cup. The leaves can be beautiful to see too as, because they are bigger, you really get the sense that you a drinking something that is from Mother Nature and has been handled by so many hands. All that time, effort, and energy has landed in your kyusu and eventually into your cup. Seeing the bigger leaves can really remind one of this fact as opposed to the smaller leaves which, often, can be broken up. If you want a cup of tea with powerful and clean taste, look no further.

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