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Tasting Kagoshima Sencha Through Our Sencha Taniba

This is a premium grade Sencha from the Taniba area in Chiran, Kagoshima. Taniba’s climate is warm and the soil is fertile allowing the tea trees to grow without stress. Den’s Sencha Taniba is made even better due to its special cultivar, “Okumidori”. Okumidori produces a deep green cup, with light sweetness and little astringency. It is a great Sencha for a slow and relaxing tea time. Sweet and mellow. A slight “fatty” taste on your tongue like a deep steamed Fukamushi Sencha.

Following the guidelines we offer on our site, there are tasting notes o watermelon rind, cooked pasta, rice paper, and spinach. Hotter temperature water will pull out more of a cooked tortilla flavor and mouth feel. This sencha is from Kagoshima and teas from this part of Japan generally have a sweeter taste. The smell of the wet leaf is like a combination of roasted seaweed and sugar. The leaves have a rich, dark green color, indicative of them being high quality

The 氣 (ki, energy, feeling) of the tea is quite interesting. It felt like I was drinking gentle sunlight. The overall experience of the tea is that of a quiet, mellow, solar energy. It is not that the tea had a warming affect necessarily but that the feeling of the tea could be described as bright, clear, and radiant. It was like experiencing the Sun on a cloudless Spring afternoon when the sun quietly and continuously beams down on the Earth.

This cup was heavier on the astringency, had some bitterness and still had that radiant sun energy. I don’t recommend brewing for this long unless you are looking for a strong, nutrient dense cup.

Here is a video that we did, pairing the Sencha Taniba with some chocolate almonds:

We hope you get a chance to check out the Sencha Taniba when it comes back in stock. As of a few days ago, tea farmers in Japan have began to pick and processing tea. We are looking forward to this year’s picking of our Sencha Taniba and we hope you are as well. To find out more news regarding our teas, feel free to follow our newsletter by signing up at the bottom of our website. Also, feel free to follow our instagram and tiktok get more tea-related content.