Chill Out with an Iced Houjicha Latte

For this one, we’ll be using some of our Houjicha Powder as well as some plant-based or animal’s milk. Simply brew up a brew of houjicha concentrate using the powder and water, mixing these together until it becomes a thick liquid if created. Then, add ice to a glass (optional) and add the brewed Houjicha. Add the milk and blend these ingredients together with a spoon or other utensil and you are done. Here is a video showing how this simple recipe is made:

The summer is almost here, so this recipe might be nice to enjoy then. It might even be better in the winter, as this is when our digestive fire is stronger. The roasted flavor of the houjicha would compliment the cold weather well, though most would probably opt for a hot cup of houjicha then a cold one. We have recently upgraded our Houjicha Powder as well so now it is made of organic houjicha, not regular.

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