Tea Pairings

Enjoy Some Japanese Persimmon with Our Fukamushi-Sencha Chiran

We have done some videos on our tiktok where pair tea and food together. In Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha and a certain sweet are paired together as the subtle sweetness and umami mouth feel of the matcha pairs well with the more rounded, sweet flavor of a rice cake or red bean dessert. There is a specific dessert that is normally used, called wagashi which is basically a Japanese confectionary. Of course, dried fruit is also paired with tea and makes for a great combination.

Tea can also be paired with food informally, as we have done here. We have paired some Japanese Persimmon (also known as fuyu kaki) with our Fukamushi-sencha Chiran. The sugary sweetness of the fuyu kaki pairs nicely with the subtle sweetness, umami mouth feel, and comparatively more bitter flavor of the fukamushicha. Here is the tiktok video.

One nice thing about pairing food with tea is it can potentially help you with portion-sizing. This is because you are incorporating a liquid into your meal and not just food. Also, tea is understood to help us with digestion. With regard to mouthfeel, tea is nice to pair with food as it can cut through any oils in the food. You really feel this when eating oily and pairing it with something like sencha of shou pu’erh.

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