Tea Creations: Pairing Our Green Tea Soba and Tea Oil

A delicious take on a classic Japanese carbohydrate. Green tea soba can be found at Japanese supermarkets. You can, of course, also make your own green tea soba noodles but that might be a bit harder than just buying them at the store. The tea oil that we use in this video is unlike the other tea oils you may find in your supermarket in that this one is actually edible. Tea oils can be used as a beauty product, but this one can be used to both benefit the skin as well as be eaten.

For this recipe, we combine green tea soba noodles with our Gold Tea Oil. With soba noodles you might like to dip it into tsuyu for added texture and flavor. Here, we just use some simple soy sauce. You are welcome to garnish the noodles with green onion and grated ginger as well. Using tea oil can be be a great way get some more phytonutrients and at the same time feel more satiated with your meal. Gold Tea Oil (tea seed oil) is higher in antioxidant activity than other edible oils, partly because it is rich in oleic acid that demonstrates resistance to oxidation, and partly because it contains β-carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A, known for its antioxidative property, as well as vitamin E and CoQ10. Gold Tea Oil shows antioxidant activity equivalent to the one of theaflavin gallate (TFG-A) among other antioxidative substances. The CoQ10 present in Gold Tea Oil, is believed to inhibit these harmful reactions of active oxygen to protect our health. 

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