Tea Culture

The Brew in Your Cup: The Aracha is Tasted for Quality

There are many people that work to bring tea to your cup. From the growing, to picking the leaves, processing them, and assessing them, these roles are often done by the same people. Here is some footage that was taken last year of some of our workers sorting and tasting the tea. This is more-or-less the last part of the tea producing process. The taster, upon receiving the tea, takes it to be tested.

As seen in the video, the tea taster assesses the smell of the tea leaves as well as the flavor of them. Boiling water is usually used to assess a tea as this brings a lot all the chemical compounds responsible for flavor and mouthfeel of a tea such as L-theanine, catechins, flavoids and so on. The dry leaf is also smelled to assess the quality. When it comes to Japanese tea, often times tea from different areas are blended together to produce a similar tea year after year. In this way, the tea is assessed to make sure that the blend is working in accord with what was expected of the tea.

It’s nice when the work pays off in delicious tea. Often times we may not consider all the hard work that went into producing the tea that we are drinking. Each tea is a labor of love for the farmers, the pickers, and factory workers and we’re glad the result turns out well. Follow our instagram and tiktok for more content like this. Also, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our website and entering your email address in the designated box at the bottom of any page.