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Ceremonial Matcha and Premium Sencha Combined: Sencha Extra Green

A Den’s Tea classic. The Sencha Extra Green is a tea that a fans of ours appreciate. What is our Sencha Extra Green and how is it different than regular sencha? The main difference is that our Sencha Extra Green is a premium sencha that is blended with ceremonial grade matcha.

The idea of blending matcha and sencha is probably as old as these teas have both existed in Japan. That being said, many Japanese tea companies will blend poor quality sencha with matcha to mask the flavor of the sencha. The same could probably be argued about using a decent sencha to mask the flavor of a not so good matcha. What is cool about our Sencha Extra Green is we only use premium ingredients for it. These means that it is a high quality sencha that is blended with a ceremonial grade matcha.

Green, powdery goodness.

The experience of having this tea is quite unique. The first cup will yield a good deal of matcha as well as sencha whereas subsequent infusions will be mostly sencha with a small amount of matcha. This is actually great if you want to have some matcha on a particular morning but don’t have the time to get out your matcha tools to make a bowl. Teas blended with matcha give the brewer a chance to experience matcha without having to go through the sometimes lengthy process of making a proper bowl of it. Also, if you have had matcha before but not sencha, this is a great way to try it. The same goes for if you have had sencha before but not matcha.

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