Tea Creations: Matcha Boba Tea, One of Our Most Popular Recipes on TikTok

We used our matcha to create an iced matcha latte with boba. Boba tea is quite popular these days so we thought it would be fun to make our own version of it. You can use plant-based milk as an alternative to cow’s milk. Matcha Koicha might be a bit too premium for this type of recipe but we thought that we would live a little and use something especially nice for this drink.

As mentioned in the title, this is one of our most popular recipes on TikTok. This might be due to it being easy to make. Boba tea (“bubble tea”, Mandarin bōbà nǎichá, 波霸奶茶) itself seems to be getting more and more popular. We even work with certain businesses who offer matcha boba tea to their customers. They will usually use something like our Restaurant or Premium Restaurant Matcha to make it as the process of making boba tea involves the use of milk and sugar. These ingredients, being quite sweet in nature compared to tea itself, can often drown out the subtle flavors of more premium grades of tea. For this reason, when it comes to matcha, culinary grades of matcha are used. Culinary grades of matcha tend to be more bitter which can add a refreshing taste to your boba tea (even if it is only combined with regular or plant-based milk.) We used a ceremonial grade of matcha for this recipe (using koicha even is kind of overkill) and using a culinary grade of matcha might have made this drink better.

If you wanted to sweeten it, you can try using agave nectar or stevia. Stevia especially can be a great way to sweeten your food and/or beverages as it is sweeter than sugar but will not spike your blood sugar in the same way that sugar does. In the meantime, feel free to follow our instagram and tiktok for more recipe ideas and tea related content. You can subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address in the desginated box at the bottom of any page of our website.