Tea Creations: Adding Vanilla Ice Cream to A Hearty Glass of Matcha

Matcha and Ice Cream. Get yourself some premium matcha for this bougie recipe as well as some vanilla ice cream. You can choose to use vegan ice cream if you don’t consume animal products. Brew a heavy cup of matcha and pour it over ice. Add a healthy scoop of the vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle some matcha powder on top and voila, it is finished.

In this recipe we used some of our more top-tier matcha but do feel free to use a culinary grade of matcha to make this, such as our Premium Restaurant Matcha or our Ceremonial Matcha Uji. The Ceremonial Matcha Uji in particular is a ceremonial matcha but comes in a much larger quantity then, let’s say, our Matcha Usucha which, at its largest, comes in a 20g tin. This will save you more money when making recipes like these and it is arguable that the drink will turn out better. This is because culinary grades of matcha can have more of a bitter taste which, when combined with ice cream or something else that is sweet, can be lessened. Sometimes the bitterness in a culinary grade of matcha actually is quite refreshing. Therefore, really what you have done when using a culinary grade of matcha is saved money and added more of a refreshing taste to your dessert which, depending on the situation, can work out better than using a ceremonial grade matcha which can have more of an umami flavor and subtle sweetness that would be overpowered by the sugar sweetness of the ice cream or syrup you may use.

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