Better Matcha Chocolate Cake for the Tea Heads

Another French recipe from our team. Gateau au Chocolat is basically a chocolate cake, though there are many variations of this. For this recipe, we did our own version using white chocolate instead of regular chocolate. We also found a way to incorporate matcha into this recipe, both powdering it on top of the cake and mixing it into the cake itself.

For this recipe, we used 110g of white chocolate, 100g of heavy cream, 60g of unsalted butter, 20g of flour, 20g of matcha, 3 whole eggs and 100g of sugar.

First, melt the white chocolate and butter in a hot water bath. Add the heavy cream into this and mix it well. In a separate bowl, mix the whites of the three eggs with an electric beater until it forms a firm peak, adding sugar gradually. Next, mix the three egg yolks with 50g of sugar until it forms a white, thick texture.

Combine the first and second mixtures together and then sift flour and matcha into this. Divide the merengue into two different sections. Add one section into the mixture and fold it in. Then add in the second section and fold this into the mixture as well.

It’s almost ready!

Initially, bake this for 20 minutes at 350F. After 20 minutes, turn down the heat to 300F and bake for another 25 minutes. Let this cool in the refrigerator overnight and your Gateau au Chocolat is ready. Enjoy with some tea if you like.

Paired it with a Genmaicha with Matcha Tea Bag

History of Chocolate Cake

Gateau au Chocolat is the French way of saying “chocolate cake.” The use of chocolate in cake dates back to the 17th century. Bakers began adding cacao powder, newly imported from the Americas, to their traditional cake recipes.1 Later, in the 19th century, methods of processing cacao evolved. A Dutch chemist by the name of Coenraad van Houten found a way to extract the fat from cacao liquor which resulted in cocoa butter and defatted cocoa. The defatted cocao could be ground into a powder.2

Coneraad van Houten, a Dutch chemist and chocolate maker (Source)

Pastry chefs in France and Austria started to make chocolate dessert recipes using this cacao. These were mainly enjoyed by privileged elites. It was not until the 20th century, as cocoa prices became more affordable, that chocolate cake reached the masses.3

Today, cocoa powder is relatively inexpensive. Cultures across the world use chocolates to make all sorts of different desserts and even different types of chocolate cakes. Example would be the black forest gateau and even flourless chocolate cakes.

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