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Your Everyday Top-tier Matcha from Shizuoka: Usucha Honyama

A top-tier matcha from Den’s Tea. The Usucha Honyama offers a distinct profile when compared to our other matcha. While we have another matcha that is intended to be used to make usucha, the Usucha Honyama differs in that it is a matcha from Shizuoka prefecture. The other matcha, our Matcha Usucha is from Aichi prefecture.

Regarding the flavor of the teas, the Usucha Honyama will have a bit more of a refreshing, gassy flavor will still having much umami. The umami is the result of shading the leaves, but the grassy or more refreshing quality of the tea might come from the fact that it is from Shizuoka. Shizuoka tea in general, even gyokuro and matcha, can be less sweet and more refreshing than tea from other areas of Japan such as Uji or Chiran.

The Matcha Usucha is more of our entry-level ceremonial matcha. It tastes excellent and might taste slightly sweeter but less complex than the Usucha Honyama. Depending on how you brew it, both of these matcha can taste bitter or sweet, so really this difference is not only subtle but subjective. As we say on our site, the Matcha Usucha is great as an everyday matcha partially because the price point differs significantly between the two.

If you have the money, the Usucha Honyama can also be a great everyday matcha. In fact, if you can you save some money just buy purchasing the bags of matcha and skipping the tin. If anything, though, the Matcha Usucha would be great as an everyday ceremonial matcha.

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