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Tea Creations: A Plant-Based Meal of Green Tea and Rice. Let’s Make Some Ochazuke

It’s basically rice and brewed tea. You have your warm, norushing bowl of rice and you submerge it in your favorite sencha or other loose leaf tea. It is as yummy as it sounds. It also is quite a simple recipe too and is open to a lot of customization. Some ochazuke (AKA chazuke or bubuzuke) is topped with freshly cooked vegetables, natto, nori (seaweed), etc. As it is basically a rice soup, it can be very easy to digest.

Here is a short video that we did, making ochazuke:

What an excellent way to get tea into your diet? Tea itself is generally known as a healthy drink, providing polyphenols so it makes sense to simply add it to some rice to make a sort of rice-tea soup. In fact, the tea brew is known as chatang in Mandarin Chinese, or “tea soup”. While this recipe uses some non-plant-based ingredients, you can make it vegan by skipping any fish-based toppings. You can also try making this dish using different teas as well, such as fermented shou pu’erh or by changing up the grain type. You can even combine your tea with barley flour or something like this, as is the case with Tibetan tsampa. We hope you try this at home not just with Japanese tea but any good quality tea that you have. It adds an additional layer to your rice and we hope you enjoy it.

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