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A Sencha That is Slightly Shaded: The Peaceful Presence of the Organic Sencha Uji

Few teas are like this tea. In our catalog, we have a variety of different sencha and gyokuro. This tea, however, combines elements of sencha and gyokuro to create somewhat of a unique experience.

The Organic Sencha Uji comes from Uji, Kyoto. This is typically an area where matcha and gyokuro are produced. The tea combines leaves of both the Yabukita and Okumidori cultivars. The light, refreshing notes of the Yabukita are subdued by the gentle, comforting sweetness of the Okumidori. They seem work together to offer a tea drinking experience that is simultaneously brightening and grounding.

The tea is shaded for a short time which preserves more of the L-theanine in the leaf, further contributing to its umami mouth feel. The chlorophyll in the leaf is also preserved, painting the leaves a dark forest green. The atmosphere is quiet, contemplative, and invites us to really pay attention to the tea. It invites us rest in the space of tea drinking. It is like witnessing the sunlight of dawn begin cut its way through the deep forest trees.

While it doesn’t seem to be as popular as our Sencha Fuka-midori, the tea holds a special place in our catalog. Not as shaded as our gyokuro or matcha, but not as youthful and energetic as some of our other sencha, the hermitic Organic Sencha Uji rests alone. There are teas, known as kabusecha, which are shaded for an extended period of time but not quite as long as matcha and gyokuro. The Organic Sencha Uji doesn’t quite fit into the kabusecha category either but could be perhaps considered kabuse-esque. Still, it offers a soothing and uplifting profile that bridges the gap between sencha and gyokuro.

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