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What is the difference between Asamushi-sencha and Fukamushi-sencha?

You may have heard the terms before. Asamushi and fukamushi can refer to the steaming types of sencha. Asamushi-sencha is more colloquially just as sencha. Japanese tea company we offer Sencha and Fukamushi-sencha. What is the difference?

The main difference between fukamushi-sencha and sencha is that fukamushi-sencha is steamed about 2-3 times longer than regular sencha. Fukamushi itself means something like “deep-steamed.” This results in coarser leaves and a milder, full-bodied cup. This deep steaming can also give the tea what feels like more of a viscous quality. Sencha is steamed in the asamushi or “light steaming” style. The leaves end up retaining more of their shape.

There is also an additional steaming style between these two called chumushi which probably could literally be translated as “middle steaming.” The result are some coarse leaves and some leaves that are more intact. The difference in the steaming really shows up in the cup. Sencha and Fukamushi- sencha appear quite different from each other.

Both fukamushi-sencha and sencha surly have their place in the world. We’re glad to offer both versions as some people will prefer the cloudier, more mild version then the clear, bright, and crisp asamushi sencha. As the consumer it is nice to be able to have both versions available, especially when the new flushes of tea are finally made available. We expect to have this year’s new flush of sencha come in July.

At the end of the day, everyone has their own preferences and we invite people to explore the variety of different high qualities teas we offer. We hope you get a chance to try both asamushicha and fukamushicha and see which style of sencha suits you. Follow our instagram and tiktok for more tea-related content and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our website and scrolling to the bottom of the page.