Giving Your Salad A Bit of A Kick with Sencha Dressing

A healthy addition for Spring. A member of our staff created this simple recipe to for a refreshing, revitalizing sencha dressing. You can use this dressing not only for salads but other dishes as well. Here are the ingredients used and the recipe to make it:

  • Olive oil or vegetable oil (90g)
  • White vinegar (90g)
  • Salt (8g)
  • Brown Sugar (4g)
  • Sencha powder (4g)

The Two-step Recipe

  1. Mix vinegar, salt, sugar, and sencha powder well.
  2. Add oil last and mix.

And done! This would also go great on some freshly prepared spaghetti noodles or rice noodles. It’s a versatile recipe in that you get the benefit of consuming sencha while also getting the benefits of consuming olive oil or another plant oil. We could totally see this dressing adding some additional tang to an otherwise boring vegetable medley. You can alter the quantities of each ingredient as you see fit; these are just guidelines. See the below video that we did for this recipe:

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