Tea Creations: Start Your Morning with Some Sencha Pancakes

Similar to our Sencha No Bake Cheesecake recipe though this time it is a pancake and not a cheesecake. They are the similar in that they both involve the use of blended sencha leaves.

This one would be nice in the morning or, really, any time you choose to eat breakfast. In the United States, sometimes people actually have breakfast food for dinner and lunch because it is quite filling and sweet. He starts with blending tea leaves together. Then, in a separate bowl, mixing some milk, eggs, then flour, crushed sencha tea leaves, and baking powder. Mix egg whites and sugar in a separate bowl, Then add the sencha mixture to this. Heat a pan on low and add the mix to the pan with a small amount of water (to steam). Flip them over, top with powdered sugar, fruit, and maple syrup and you are done! You can pair this with some houjicha tea which balances the sugar sweetness with a refreshing roasted flavor an aroma.

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