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A Sencha-lover’s Green From Shizuoka: Sencha Shinryoku

For those enjoyers of Sencha Fuka-midori, you may want to ascend the sencha ladder and try out our Sencha Shinryoku. Some observations might arise when comparing the information regarding these two teas. You may notice that both of these teas are from Shizuoka, both first flush tea, and both are sencha. Is there really that big of a difference between the two? Let’s look a little at the Sencha Shinryoku and compare it to the Sencha Fuka-midori.

Right off the bat, we can notice some slight differences in the cup color. Both brew up a luminous yellowish-green color, though perhaps the Sencha Fuka-midori is a little bit more yellow in its brew. The Sencha Shinryoku appears a little more opaque.

In terms of flavor, the Sencha Fuka-midori is a bit dryer and unchanging in its flavor. It carries a slight bitterness, astringency, and sweetness in its brew without that much variation. The Sencha Shinryoku starts off a little bitter and astringent and that then turns into a delicate sweetness and umami profile. In this way, the flavor of the Shinryoku slightly changes in your mouth from when it is sipped to when it is swallowed. The smell of the wet leaf for both has a cooked spinach aroma, though the Sencha Shinryoku has more of a buttery note with the Spinach with a white chocolate note as well. The body feel on both was a little brightening, what perhaps could be described as youthful or blossoming.

Overall, both of these teas are quite nice, with some subtle differences. If you were looking for more of a complex cup of tea, the Sencha Shinryoku would be a nice choice. We don’t always want a sencha that complexity but instead can deliver a consistent, hearty cup of tea. In this case, the Sencha Fuka-midori would be the best way to go.

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