Tea Creations: Have You Tried Making A Glass of Iced Houjicha Before?

Making an iced tea out of your houjicha brew? Well, of course; the process is relatively simple. Put some ice in a glass, add your brewed houjicha, and pour it into the glass. Sweeten with stevia, agave syrup, or something like this. Then, your Summer treat is finished and ready to be drank.

Here is a video we did for this simple recipe:

Be sure to use more leaf when making an ice tea, as the ice will often dilute the flavor of the tea. With our houjicha, you don’t really have to worry about the tea becoming bitter. This is true even if you end up using more leaf. In fact, using more leaf will enhance the roasted aroma and flavor. Making it into an ice tea turns this warming, cozy brew into a Summer-sipper for sure.

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