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Probably The Smoothest Green You Have Never Heard of: Organic Geen Kukicha

The organic version of our Green Kukicha. In terms of flavor it is a bit different than the non-organic tea. Both of them taste very clean but I did notice that the body on this tea was a bit fuller when compared to the non-organic version.

They both are a great umami flavor, but the slight differences in taste might come from the sencha that was used to produced these teas. The Organic Green Kukicha contains organic stem material from a variety of different farmers from the Miyazaki area. The Green Kukicha contains stem material from the Shizuoka area. Kukicha, as you might know, is a Japanese green tea consisting almost entire of stems. This differs from sencha or gyokuro, which are made up almost entirely of the tea leaves and not the stems. The flavor and texture of leaf teas will usually be quite different than that of stem teas, mainly because stem teas are known to contain a lot of L-theanine and not as much caffeine.

Both of these teas are also easy brewing as well. There is no problem throwing boiling water on these stems, though you will most likely pull more of the umami notes out of the tea with cooler water. We hope you get a chance to check out both of these and compare the two. Some will prefer the slightly more fresh, grassy notes of the Green Kukicha over the smoother profile of the Organic Green Kukicha. Somewhat ironically, the Organic Green Kukicha was listed as one of our worst-selling teas of 2023 because we introduced it late into the year and didn’t advertise it as much. So don’t let this tea slip past you, it’s a great one.

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