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Staying Warm in Winter with the Ideal Tea: Living A Life According to the Principles of Wankatsu

As the chilly mornings and evenings roll in, finding ways to keep warm becomes more than just a comfort—it’s a necessity. In recent years, a unique health trend has emerged from Japan, known as “Warming Activities” or “Wankatsu (温活).” This trend emphasizes the importance of maintaining our core body temperature, especially during colder months. In this blog, we’ll not only dive deep into the numerous health benefits of “Wankatsu” but also introduce this special tea, which is quickly becoming a top pick for many.

What is “Wankatsu ()” and Why Should You Care?

“Wankatsu” is a Japanese health philosophy centered around the idea of raising our core body temperature to maintain optimal health and alleviate physical discomforts, especially during colder months.

Every individual’s body is different, but a universally accepted healthy body temperature hovers around 98.6°F. It’s alarming to note that when our body temperature experiences even a slight dip, our blood circulation can be adversely affected. Numerous studies have highlighted that a mere 1.8°F decrease in body temperature can lead to a drastic reduction in our metabolism and a weakened immune system.

Beyond the physical, the sensation of cold can also impact our mental well-being. It can disrupt our mental equilibrium, making us susceptible to feelings of chronic fatigue and other mental health challenges. Embracing “Wankatsu” means actively taking steps to counteract this temperature drop.

Examples of “Wankatsu” Activities:

  • Savoring warm, nourishing meals and beverages.
  • Engaging in moderate, invigorating exercise.
  • Indulging in long, rejuvenating warm baths.
  • Stretching to harmonize the nervous system.
  • Therapeutic massages to enhance blood circulation.

Our Top Tea Recommendation for “Wankatsu”

One of the essential elements of the “Wankatsu” philosophy is the consistent consumption of beverages that have the ability to warm the body from the inside out. At the forefront of our recommendations for this purpose stands the renowned post-fermented tea (aka dark tea, hēi chá in Mandarin, 黑茶, kurocha in Japanese.) Tea, however, is seen to be cooling in nature according to Chinese Medicine so drinking too much of it can result in you feeling a bit cold.

In the vast world of teas, certain varieties are particularly celebrated for their inherent warming properties. These primarily include enzyme-fermented and microorganism-fermented teas. Among these, pu’er tea (aka shú pǔ’ěr), a distinguished microorganism-fermented variant, is brimming with beneficial minerals known to provide warmth to the body.

Furthermore, dark tea has earned the nickname “Slimming Tea.” For generations, it has been valued for its remarkable fat-burning attributes and its proven capability to stabilize blood sugar levels. This makes it an ideal choice for health enthusiasts and those on a weight management journey. Particularly during the brisk, colder months when physical activity tends to decrease, incorporating dark tea into your regimen is wise. Our specially crafted dark tea boasts a smooth flavor profile, ensuring a delightful drinking experience every time. So, as winter approaches, consider making our dark tea a staple in your daily routine. Dive into the “Wankatsu” way of life, ensuring warmth and wellness throughout the season.

We hope this information has helped you in some way, inspiring you with some ideas on how to stay warm when your environment become colder. These methods, as mentioned above, may help with the mental health struggles associate with such weather as well like depression, anxiety and so forth. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address in the designated box at the bottom of our website. Also, you can follow us on instagram and tiktok for more ideas on how to incorporate tea into your life.