Tea Creations: In The Mood for Matcha and White Chocolate? Try to make Matcha Ganache this Holiday Weekend.

Ganache is basically “a whipped frosting or filling made with semisweet chocolate and cream, used for cakes, pastries, and candies.” For the recipe below, we used white chocolate but it seems to traditionally be made using semi-sweet chocolate or dark chocolate. Here is the recipe:

  • Ingredients
    • heavy whipping cream 180g (at least 36% fat)
    • white chocolate 565g (20oz)
    • matcha 15g (extra 5g for decoration)
  • Recipe
    1. Crush white chocolate bars, add it to a bowl, and warm up the bowl by submerging it in warm water. Mix the chocolate until it becomes a liquid.
    2. Strain matcha powder and add heavy cream little by little and mix well.
    3. Mix step 1 and step 2.
    4. Cover an eight inch square pan with wax paper and pour the mixture of step 3.
    5. Refrigerate for at least three hours.
    6. Remove wax paper. Heat up a knife with hot water and wipe it between each cut.
    7. Sprinkle matcha powder over chocolate as a garnish.

And it is done. Enjoy a little now and put it back in the refrigerator to preserve it’s shape. We did a video where we make the matcha ganache as well, that you can see below:

The Origin of Ganache

So far as the origin of ganache is concerned, it is said that ganache was originally invented in the 1850s in France during an accident in which water was poured over chocolate. Ganache or crème ganache was initially introduced by Paul Siraudin,. He named the sweet after a comedy called Les Ganaches (“The Chumps”) that had debuted around the same time.

Someone on our tiktok actually commented on the video, saying that this was perhaps not a ganache because we didn’t use semi-sweet or dark chocolate but instead used white chocolate. This is understandable but perhaps the white chocolate was used because semi-sweet or dark chocolate wouldn’t really pair with the matcha that was used. The Matcha Chiyo-no-Shiro is nice for baking because it has a smooth character with a light refreshing taste. For this reason, it is also good to drink by itself.

What other recipes should be do? The bitterness of dark chocolate can pair quite well with tea, so let us know what you would like to see. You can follow our instagram and tiktok for more content like this. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address in the designated area at the bottom of any page of our website.