Tea Pairings

Tea Pairing: Dried Apricot and Fukamushi-sencha Matsuno

It’s nice to pair tea and dried fruit. Fruit, like tea, is quite a versatile food and this is especially true of dried fruit. This pairing is simple and, depending on the person, is easily digestible and makes a great breakfast. Tea is usually taken after food but is also taken with snacks. In the West, a variety of different baked goods are offered with tea. It is totally normal to have fruit with your tea. Here is a video that we did about this.

Dried fruit especially offer a nice balance of flavor when drinking green tea. The reason why is because, especially with Japanese green tea, tea can be bit bitter and astringent. The sweet foods that you eat will appear sweeter to the tongue in contrast to the bitter and astringent flavors. On top of this, tea is a diuretic and fruit contains fiber so this combination can really help us if we are struggling to use the bathroom. Tea also contains a variety of different minerals as well as catechins, particularly EGCG, which is associated with a reduction in inflammation.

In a sense, this can be seen as the main reason that we will take fruit with tea. The flavor is nice but, really, it is an excellent way to get some nutrients in our system so that we can continue serve our friends, family and community. Especially with our tea but with high quality tea in general, you can really taste the cleanliness of the brew. It wakes you up but not so much so that it is overpowering. Of course there are a lot of different factors related to this such as how much tea the person has drinks, that person’s caffeine sensitivity, and so on. Still, pairing fruit with tea can be a great combination not just for the flavor but for our health.

Perhaps, as we start to substitute our heavier meals with fruit and tea, we will feel that our body and mind become lighter, our body fat and inflammation start to reduce, and we feel emotionally brighter and more clear. Many fruits fall into what could be called the “sattvic” category of food in the Ayurvedic system, assisting us in living a calm, connected life. Tea is seen to be more rajasic, stimulating us in our pursuits, ideally pursuits that help ourselves and others.

You really get a sense that this is true when eating fruits with tea. The fruit can impart a nourished feeling while the tea is emotionally uplifting. This balance can be a nice way to begin our day. We hope that you try this tea pairing yourself and let us know how it goes. Follow our instagram and tiktok for more content like this. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email in the designated area at the bottom of any page of our website.