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Exploring Our Most Popular Loose Leaf Tea: Dive Into the World of Japanese Green Tea with the Sencha Fuka-midori

Our classic Den’s Tea blend of Sencha. The Sencha Fuka-midori offers a well balanced flavor with a refreshing bitterness and natural sweetness. The there is a slight roasted aroma which hints at the somewhat unique process of making this tea. Many Japanese teas are steamed and, while this one is also steamed, it goes through a light roasting to add an additional layer of depth to its character.

This Sencha is made of the Yabukita cultivar can comes directly from Shizuoka which is a famous area for tea. Sencha in general can be made from a variety of different cultivars of tea, though yabukita is arguably the more popular in Japan as it is known to be quite resistant to diseases.

This is a tea that you can drink all day, everyday without getting bored with it. It is our top-selling sencha, best representing our precise blending and meticulous manufacturing process. This is the tea that we usually will recommend to people who are new to our sencha as it is quite versatile. You can cold brew this tea and get something sweet or brew it hot and get a strong cup. While it might not have the subtly of some of our shaded teas, it makes up for that by being approachable. You can brew it smoothly for a midafternoon cup of calm. Alternatively, early morning risers can also brew it strongly to get a tannic, invigorating brew. This is the tea to give to people who are new to the world of Japanese loose leaf tea and who are looking to explore it.

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