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When You Want A Little Bit of Everything: Genmaicha Extra Green

This tea keeps it cool.

Genmaicha Extra Green is a combination of genmaicha and ceremonial matcha. In a recent post we talked about the delicious combination of blending sencha with matcha. Genmaicha is effectively the same thing but with added roasted rice pieces. The addition of roasted rice pieces adds more of a savory note to the flavor and the aroma. That hot, roasted rice aroma on a cold, early morning is something special. In addition to that, the ceremonial matcha smooths out the refreshing nature of the bancha that is used. This adds a smooth, slightly sweet note to the aroma, which works with the roasted, cozy aroma of the genmai.

Through the years, blending tea with grains and beans was a technique used to enhance the flavor or poor quality tea. When you try a genmaicha you’ll see for yourself: the aroma is quite nice and the brewed cup isn’t bad either. This is when the tea isn’t so good so, when the tea is of a premium quality and rice is chosen with care it makes the resulting cup all the better. It is a similar story to the sencha that is blended with matcha; some companies will use low quality genmaicha and blend it with ceremonial matcha to mask the flavor, or use a higher quality genmaicha to mask the flavor or poor quality matcha. Our blend, however, used a high quality bancha and and ceremonial grade matcha. We understand that this is a staple tea for some so we wanted to get them a great product for a great value.

So far as health is concerned, Genmaicha has all the health of green tea plus the health benefits of brown rice. The notable rice ingredients are “γ-oryzanol” that may improve blood cholesterol, “GABA” known as an antidepressant and several types of Vitamin B that may promote recovery from fatigue and slow the aging process. Another benefit is its robust aroma which promotes relaxation. There are also the benefits of consuming matcha, such as ingesting L-theanine which helps to induce a state of relaxation.

We hope you pick some of this one up, especially since the price is quite reasonable. We have an organic version of this tea as well that is slightly more expensive but quite good. Follow our instagram and tiktok for tea related content and subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address in the designated area at the bottom of any page on our website