Tea Culture

The Brew in Your Cup: Raw Tea Leaves Transform Into Aracha

Before a tea gets tested, it must first be produced. Welcome back to our look at the process of making tea. Tracing our steps back, we have landed at the factory where the leaves become tea. Here is some footage of one of our contracted tea farmers, Izuka-san. He and his wife make our Fukamushi-sencha Maki and Fukamushi-sencha Special and this footage is from April 29th, 2024. This is the new crop of tea being produced. The end result of these efforts is what is known as aracha and/or the finished tea that has yet to be sorted.

Especially with our Hashiri Shincha but, really, with any of our teas, when you look at the brewed leaves you really get a sense of the hands that went into making it. Your cup of tea come from the labor of many people and, of course, the earth itself. Weather conditions, timing, attention; these are all factors that go into making a great cup of tea. Mr. Izuka looks so lively in this footage, it is almost as if his energy can be tasted in the cup.

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