Tea Culture

The Brew in Your Cup: The Sencha Leaves are Ready to be Picked

Welcome back to our look at the process of making tea. Before the leaves can hit the factory, they must first be picked from the bushes. Here, a machine is used to efficiently pick the tea leaves. Not all of our tea is picked this way (for example, our Sencha Zuiko is hand-picked) but most of them are picked with a machine.

The larger machine you see being used in this video is used primary in areas that are flatter such as Makinohara. Picking can be quite labor intensive as those bags of leaves probably can be quite heavy for some. There are cultures around the world, including Japan, where the picked leaves are carried on the picker’s back in a sort of basket-backpack. In the next part of this blog series, we’ll look at the fields themselves as, before the leaves are picked, they must first be grown.

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