Tea Culture

The Importance of Water Ratio When Brewing Gyokuro, Sencha, and Other Teas

Does the water/tea ratio affect the feel and flavor of a tea? We recently filmed an experiment covering just this topic.

Typically, with senchado, which is a formalized way of consuming sencha and gyokuro, it is known that you typically use less water when making the brew. Less water creates more of a concentrated cup, providing for a fuller experience with a smaller cup of tea. Using more water will result in a tea, depending on the brewing time, with it’s flavor revealing itself overtime and in that way is a bit more approachable or simplistic. This can be a good thing if you are not in a situation to observe and appreciate the complexities of a particular tea you are drinking but instead are using your tea as a support for your other activities such as studying, working, meditating or contemplating.

In this video, one of our staff members tries making our Gyokuro Suimei two difference ways. One way was to do it with what could be considered a normal amount of water: he fills the kyusu up to an appropriate level. With the other kyusu, he makes a brew of gyokuro using the same amount of leaf but with less water. The regular brew of the gyokuro suimei revealed its flavor over time, creating brew that was less intense The brew with less water told the entire story of the tea but a little more intensely, almost as if the flavor and aspects of tea tasting came quicker.

This is an experiment you can do with your gyokuro as well as your sencha and other teas. It will pull out a lot of flavor chemicals all at once and really show you a lot of the tea in a single sip. Follow our instagram and tiktok for more content like this. Also, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our website and entering your email in the designated box at the bottom of the page.